Implants Performed Incorrectly Costs Big Bucks

If you are looking to have done implant work performed, then it’s almost silly to suggest doing some research before deciding on which practice you choose to perform that work, right? Well, even in an age with almost any, and all, bits of information we could ever need at our fingertips, some people still don’t take the steps to make sure they are partnering with a practice with a track record of fantastic results.

In a Cook County case, filed on July 8th of 2016, a patient alleges that her implant dentist destroyed her mouth so badly, she has had to undergo dental procedures five years after having the initial work done. The reality is that a case like this could happen to any dentist – it happens on occasion, right? No, not really.

We did some minor research, (we checked the search engines), and found this particular practice has a star rating of 2.3 stars on top of ten ratings. Any dentist worth their salt, especially when it comes to implants, has a star rating of four, and above. The more reviews they have, the lower their rating is going to be; because some people are just going to have complaints – that’s life; but on the whole, you want someone who maintains a high star rating – why bother going to anyone else?

The dentists we partner with here at Tooth Implant Bronx are dentists that have proven themselves to be competent, courteous, and focused on customer service. They have several years providing implants under their belt, and they have an excellent track record of doing the right thing. If getting an implant, or several implants, done are on your agenda, then we suggest you call to set up your free oral exam today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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